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The Waupaca County Democratic Party is the official Democratic Party entity for Waupaca County, Wisconsin. We have a lot of important work on our plate, including recruiting and training candidates, organizing for action in our community, and getting out the vote during elections. 

We are located at 401 S. Bridge St., Manawa, WI 54949. Contact us at Phone Number: (715)467-1541 for summer hours.  

The next party meeting is on May 11th, 2024.  In person 401 S. Bridge Street, Manawa WI 54949 or via Zoom at 

Get involved today to make a difference.


The Waupaca County Democratic Party is one of the smallest organizational unit of the Democratic Party in our area, and we mean that as a good thing! When you hear "grassroots of the party," that means us. It's impossible to detail everything we do in one page, but we recruit and support candidates, train party activists, engage with government agencies, and promote action in our community.

Everything we do requires the support of people like you. Consider volunteering or donating to the party to support our important work and help turn Waupaca County blue!

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