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What is new in February!

2022 February News from the Waupaca County Democratic Party

Greetings from our office at 401 South Bridge Street in Manawa!

In less than a year

The nation will react to what Wisconsin voters are doing. We’re preparing to be part of that national event, as we count down to November 8, 2022. The fall primary is scheduled for August 9, 2022.

Many offices will be at stake. In the meantime, here’s who’s who and how to reach out to some of those in office:

National Representatives

· President Joe Biden [since 2020]

· Vice President Kamala Harris [since 2020]

· Senator Tammy Baldwin [since 2013]

· Senator Ron Johnson [since 2010]

· 8th Congressional District Representative Mike Gallagher [since 2017]

State Representatives

· Governor Tony Evers [since 2019]

· Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes [since 2019]

· 2nd Senate District Robert Cowles [since 1987] 608-266-0484

· 14th Senate District Joan Ballweg [since 2021] 608-266-0751

· 6th Assembly District Representative Gary Tauchen [since 2006] 608-266-3097 and 888-529-0006

· 40th Assembly District Representative Kevin Petersen [since 2007] 608-266-3794 and 888-947-0040

In the Meantime

Work on the office continues, as we paint the walls, organize the desks and chairs, and outfit it with office equipment, books, and other necessities. As a result, there are no established office hours yet.

Our February Calendar

February 2 (Wednesday) Groundhog Day! We can greet folks by shouting, “Two Two TwoTwo!” Or not.

February 12 (Saturday) Waupaca County Democrats hold a (properly masked and distancing) in-person business meeting 10:30-11:30 a.m. Central Standard Time at the Manawa office and online via Zoom. The Zoom link is

February 14 (Monday) Valentine’s Day! Feel the love!

February 21 (Monday) Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday, so there won’t be mail, as we consider American history.

Looking Ahead

Work on the office is continuing, as we continue the remodeling. Thanks to those who are improving the facility!

More Contacts:

Waupaca County Democratic Party, P.O. Box 123, Manawa, WI 54949

On Facebook: Waupaca County Democratic Party

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