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Letter to fellow Democrats

As an 80-year-old retired public school teacher, Navy veteran, & trained naturalist I am concerned about the state of democracy today. The January 6 storming of the Capitol was unbelievable. ALL involved should be dealt with in the harshest manner that the law allows because we are a nation of laws.

It is good to have a reasonable voice in the White House. President Biden does not want to be an autocrat. He is working for the good of us all, not just his rich friends. His multi-billion Covid-19 legislation got the ball rolling to vaccinate all who would accept the shot(s). Not one single Republican in Congress voted for it-a plan to benefit all Americans.

The President’s latest infrastructure bill will go far to improve the lives of all Americans. Infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges. Airports, ports, and waterways, public transit, passenger & freight rail will all benefit. Our rural friends will benefit from the vast expansion of rural broadband which will link people in small towns and farms with the broader world of trade and commerce.

The broader view of infrastructure includes more support for Medicaid which affects the ability of people to get proper medical protection. Clean energy tax credits, investments in housing, schools, child care centers, and veterans hospitals, and research projects are all worthy and necessary.

I believe in the future of farming. I also believe in transparency in government and believe that gerrymandering is an afront to democracy. I want to pick my representatives not vice versa. I want elected officials who work for the good of the people, not wealthy campaign contributors. I do not want nuclear waste stored in the Wolf River batholith. I expect we can be better than we are. When your neighbor needs help he/she should get it. After all we’re all in this together.

Dean Sauers

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