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Wisconsin Trivia

  1. In what year did Wisconsin become a state?

  2. Where was Wisconsin’s first territorial capital?

  3. How did we get the name “Badgers”?

  4. What is our official state tree?

  5. How many representatives do we have in the U.S. House of Representatives?

  6. We lead the nation in production of what berry popular at Thanksgiving time?

  7. How many counties do we have?

  8. What is our official state soil?

  9. What 2 large lakes abut Wisconsin?

  10. What word is on our state flag?


  1. 1848

  2. Belmont

  3. Because of miners digging into the hillsides for lead & zinc like “badgers”.

  4. Sugar Maple

  5. 8

  6. Cranberry

  7. 72

  8. Antigo silt loam

  9. Superior & Michigan

  10. Forward

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